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1 Building Permission Application Form Download image 1.5 MB
2 Birth Application Download image 23 KB
3 Death Application Download image 23 KB
4 Property Tax (Property Tax Register) Download image 6 KB
  Property Tax (SAS Form) Download image 317 KB
  Property Tax (Notice of Transfer) Download image 88 KB
  Property Tax (Street and Land Rates) Download image 529 KB
  Property Tax(Building Construction Rates) Download image 38 KB
  Property Tax(Building Depreciation Values) Download image 70 KB
  How to Fill SAS

Download image 57 KB


5 Schemes (3%) Download image 326 KB
  Schemes (7.25%) Download image 277 KB
  Schemes (24.10%) Download image 617 KB

Source:  Hubballi-Dharwad City Corporation, GoK..